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Why choose us

  • 17years

    Founded in 1999,Local largest transformer manufacturers

  • 108people

    Industry elite with extremely high professional skills

  • Major

    Set up R & D lab, covering a number of transformer design areas

  • Condensed

    Dedication to provide top quality products and services



  • Comprehensive
  • Oil immersed
  • Resin insulation
  • American
  • European
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Three major advantages

  • Wide range of productsCan be used in the ring network and terminal power supply, power plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.;
  • Advanced research and development technologyOn the basis of the domestic advanced technology, the research and development of China's urban and rural power grid transformation;
  • Product appearance advantageThe box body appearance is beautiful and generous, easy to coordinate with the surrounding environment.

about us

Anhui Transformer Transformer Co., Ltd.

//About us// Anhui transformer company is located in Suzhou City Fu from the industrial park, with a fixed assets of 80 million yuan. Covers an area of 18000 square meters. Founded in 1999, after ten years of painstaking efforts, has developed into local largest transformer manufacturer, are among the highest in the forefront of the industry. In the product technology research and development, Anhui in variable and industry prestigious power engineering, Huazhong University of science and Technology Research Institute to work together to jointly participate in the transformer and relevant product development design work, the two sides have established a long-term stable cooperative relations, for the company's development and production quality transformer products provides an important guarantee. In the company has a strong product development team, has a professional product R & D laboratory and the first-class closed, clean production workshop, allows the company with a strong tran...


Company informationEmployees give love, social harmony is full o...

The employees of enterprise organizations offer love, blood donation and other public activities documentary Anhui transformer com...

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